Be careful with profiled steel sheets to maximise performance

Profiled steel sheets are added to roofs and the facades of buildings to provide protection against moisture and aesthetic improvements. Sadly both of these benefits can be affected if the materials are not handled and installed correctly. Poor handling and installation can result in damages that ruin the performance.

One of the most important things to note in regards to care in handling profiled steel sheets is how to pick them up if they are stacked. It is perfectly acceptable to stack them but the top most one must be lifted free when it is being prepared for installation. Never drag it off the top of the stack as this can scratch the sheet beneath, potentially even removing the paint or protective coating.

The fact you need to lift the top sheet free from the stack rather than slide it towards you means it is better to keep stacks to a manageable height. You don’t want the people handling the sheets to be put in harm’s way by having to lift materials above their own head height.

When sheets are handled special care is also needed to account for the edges and corners. Lack of care could result in materials coming together and getting damaged. It may even be necessary to wrap the edges and corners in a protective material to prevent this.

It is generally advisable to lift and move profiled steel sheets by hand. Using a forklift or a hoist increases the risk of damage. If they do need to be raised to heights where manual handling is a safety hazard a hoist that won’t distort the panels should be utilised.

With careful handling the profiled roof sheets will look their best once installed and offer maximum performance. Poor handling could harm the finish, make it harder to install them, and increase the risk of corrosion, higher wear, and premature failure.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we have a lot of experience with care in handling profiled steel sheets. We stock the materials and arrange delivery to clients across the UK. At all times we strive to deliver the highest standards so that the products will offer the maximum value for consumers.