Balanced lighting is best

For as long as the business has existed, our goal has been a simple one; to provide top calibre building materials for our customers. Specialising in a host of products, including the likes of fillers and lighting, we seek to help you create your ideal structure. Whatever your needs, we will strive to meet them.

Natural light is crucial to the productivity of your workplace and without it, you’ll soon find operations lagging behind. Dim lights can be especially ruinous to productivity for a plethora of reasons. Whenever lighting is inadequate, your eyes strain in an attempt to see. Dim light can also lead to a reduced focus and general drowsiness, which is never good news for the team’s motivation.

Occurring at a far greater frequency than that of dim lighting, harsh lights can be just as detrimental. Fluorescent lights in particular result in a number of adverse effects on workers. Not only is it a cause of eye strains, but connections between it and migraines have been made as well. Harsh lights also make it more difficult for the eyes to focus, so an alternative should be sought the first chance you get.

Natural light is the ultimate alternative in this case. In a study that was conducted in the UK and published in The Responsible Workplace, it was found that windows determined the building resident’s levels of satisfaction above all else. This effect comes from light’s potential to affect us in one of two ways. First, it influences us directly, affecting what we can see and how well. Indirectly, it affects our behaviour, mood and even hormonal balances.

At Peter Wragge, our trilite profiled translucent glass fibre reinforced polyester sheets and double skin roof lights enable diffused daylight to enter the complex. Our sheeting comes with a colourless appearance and a fine random texture of the underlying glass resin/fibre composite. The resins themselves also include fire retardance and UV inhibitor characteristics.

If you are looking for quality fillers and lighting and you’d like more details, we’d be happy to assist you.