Avoid focusing on a single aspect

Specialising in providing customers with high-grade building materials, ours is a company that goes to great lengths to make certain that everyone is satisfied. Offering an impressive collection of products, including insulation systems among others, we believe that we’re fully prepared for any scenario. No matter what your requirements happen to be, we will do what we can to meet them.

We all hate making the wrong decisions, especially when it comes to the materials that make up homes and business premises. Not only can they prove to be embarrassing, but very expensive to rectify depending on the circumstances. To aid you in making the right choices, we’ve produced some guidelines on how to act when faced with particular situations.

When dealing with R-values, avoid focusing on them alone. We witness the comparisons between these values repeatedly and it’s hypnotic. The fixation can result in failing to consider other important factors. There’s far more to an insulation system’s capabilities than just the R-value. Always remember to enquire as to how the insulation deals with pests, air leakages, mould, and moisture.

Air leaks by themselves account for roughly 40% of the energy that’s wasted on cooling and heating. As such, preventing them is imperative, and what’s more, this has nothing to do with R-values. You’re going to desire more than just these values anyway, such as supreme air quality, comfort, and assurances that you won’t have to re-install your insulation a few years down the line. To summarise, attend to everything and don’t let your attention focus on a single element.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the insulation systems that we supply include composite panels, rockwall, rigid board, and fibreglass. There’s a considerable emphasis that has been placed upon the thermal efficiency of structural units in recent times, and with our systems in tow, we are here to see to it that all the proper regulations are followed.

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