Are you caring for your panels correctly?

We are a business that specialises in supplying high quality building products to clients because we want them to have easy access to everything they need. There are many interesting items you can find in our collection. Some of the most useful would be our insulated panels. These are ideal if you want roofing sheets to help you manage the temperature in your property.

Using insulated panels can be very beneficial for you. They help keep temperatures more stable and can reduce your energy consumption. However, you need to know how to care for the sheets properly. This includes understanding how to transport, store, and lift them.


We will start with transportation. At some point, you will probably decide to use insulating panels in your construction efforts. After placing your order, getting them to the site will be the first step. You need to get this right because you risk damage to the sheets otherwise.

With panels of up to 24 metres, there are crucial rules that you must pay attention to. This will ensure that your products arrive without any damage. It is vital to ensure that they are packed properly. They should be horizontally on wood or plastic foam spacers. Something to remember is that you need to position the spacers at a reasonable distance apart so they support the whole panel.

The support exterior should also correspond to the package’s shape. In addition, packages can’t overhang by over a metre. You will need to secure them in two cross-sections at minimum using straps that are not more than 3 metres apart.


Next, we will talk about storage. For the sake of logistics, it can be necessary at times to store your panels in a warehouse or at a construction site. See to it that panels never sit on your floors directly. Instead, they need to be on polystyrene or timber spacers. They must be wider than the panel. You have to adapt the spacers to the panels’ shape too. To give an example, with a curved package, the spacers need to have the same curvature.


Finally, there is the lifting. The panels could be very lightweight to put less load on the foundations of a building. Even so, their length can mean that they can carry quite a bit of weight.

Because of the weight, you will need to follow a series of basic instructions when using your hands or a crane. If you handle them manually there needs to be two people working in unison. Always carry the panels with the horizontal edges upwards and downwards.

With cranes, place two synthetic sling belts in two places. The straps need to have half the length of your package at minimum. This gives them the right support and can prevent warping.

You can count on us to offer quality insulated panels

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we can provide you with the best products on the market. In addition, we will be able to offer you advice on how to properly look after them. This can ensure you have fewer issues with damage and can enjoy longer lasting products.

With our help, you won’t have to worry about damaging your insulated panels. So, get in touch today to order products.