Approaching different kinds of roofs

The populace knows us for supplying our customers with first-rate building materials. Within our inventory, you can find the likes of tile form sheeting and various other products. As a result we can cater for a wide array of applications. In addition we focus on delivering maximum value.

Single skin roofing sheets like our own can be tricky to use if you’re unprepared. This is not a situation we want you to be in. In order to help those who might struggle, we’ve put together a guide on working with dissimilar roof types.

We’ll begin by looking at the mono pitch roof. These are highly conventional in car ports as well as garages. At times, the mono pitch roof’s width exceeds that of the sheet’s length. Normally, they are the simplest to measure. Length calculations are necessary for you to determine the number of required sheets. If it proves imperative, you can employ flashings at the sides and ridge end. Depending on the circumstances, the flashings you use can vary in style.

Apex roofs

It’s typically the case that apex roofs have even sides. Yet, they can become unbalanced, with sheet lengths diverging on both sides. We utilise the ridge length to work out the amount of sheets needed for both halves. The eaves to ridge quantification makes it easier to figure out the length of your sheets. If your apex happens to be uneven, you will have to take ridge to eaves on each side.

With adjoining apex designs, there’s more than a single roof present, with all of them being attached to each other. With the measurements, you can’t use the same approach that you would with standard apex roofing. You must cut them at the site where the roofs unite. Additionally, you shall need to fit hip or valley flashing at the joints.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have Pantile tile form sheeting that come in a 0.5mm gauge single skin design. In addition to having few maintenance demands, the sheets are durable and easy to handle. This makes it easier for you to meet the requirements of your project.

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