Answering your questions about roof and loft insulation

In order to complete a building project, you must have the right products at your disposal. We are a business that just so happens to supply a number of them. Specialising in insulation systems, as well as other areas, we will make certain that you’re fully equipped for the task that lies ahead of you.

Loft and roof insulation are two of the most common forms out there. Despite this fact, there are still many questions that we ask about them. To give you a superior understanding of these insulation types, we are going to answer some of the questions here.

What do you do about the loft hatch?

One thing that people tend to ask is how to prevent warm air from emanating into the loft via the hatch. To stop this, you must certify that the hatch fits comfortably. If it appears to fit better during the winter than it does in summer, you could have a moisture problem. You shall need to attend to this prior to introducing the roof insulation. After obtaining a near-fitting hatch, introduce some draught stripping.

Will insulation make the damp worse?

Speaking of damp lofts, some wonder if insulation will only serve to worsen the problem. Insulation between the joints shall make your attic colder. This can aggravate the damp issue. Even rafter insulation may cause issues because it lowers natural ventilation and halts draughts. Therefore, if you must insulate your loft, you might need to heighten the degree of insulation too. Before your project begins, we suggest that you seek professional advice on this matter.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we always make sure that there’s a comprehensive collection of insulation systems available to our customers. Within our inventory, you can expect to find rigid board insulation merchandise and our immensely popular composite panels.

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