An overview of rooflight systems

Roof fillers and lighting can be described as translucent or clear structure made for use on low pitched roofs. Their main purpose is allowing natural light into structures whilst maintaining a suitable look and watertight surface. In today’s marketplace, there are many types of roof lights and systems, built for a range of different building types and characteristics.

Roof light specification can be affected by many factors including building regulations, thermal insulation, aesthetics, solar control, roof construction, light transmission, required lifespan, health and safety, and ventilation. To decide on what installation is best, while still considering the different factors, you must know the unique designs and types of roof light available.

Glass roof lights provide for a range of options in terms of function, performance and aesthetics. It is often the preferred material for commercial, domestic and retail applications where long lifespan and aesthetics are concerned. Many manufacturers have developed glass roof lights that are solar powered, and include self cleaning mechanisms. With glass it has been found to have good impact performance, high light transmission, and is widely known to have a long life span.

Polycarbonate and modern thermoplastics have been produced and developed to supply high performance roof lighting. The material is versatile and is used often as glazing. It has the three forms: profiled, solid and multiwall. The main properties that make it ideal for roof lights are a good level of light transmission, excellent fire protection, and easy workability.

The few different forms come with their own characteristics;

Profiled – matches cladding and is popular with many designers
Solid – provides clarity and workability
Multiwall – an insulated material and is most likely used in commercial and domestic settings
PVC polycarbonate – recommended for construction

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