An insight into insulating your walls

We have been providing high calibre building materials for many years now. Some of the most useful products we have are our insulated panels. We want to ensure that every client walks away with the most suitable items. To that end, we have a big collection. You can use them on numerous projects.

There are many ways to approach the work

It is possible to insulate a home using several methods. Step number one is to determine which one best suits your property. After you make your decision, you have to choose the insulation product that will permit you to get the top results for cost efficiency. The look of the final result and the insulation efficiency are also vital.

External wall insulation

Externally insulating a wall comes with a handful of advantages. To begin with, you will obtain all the benefit of the work being outside your property. Secondly, you won’t have to remove fittings and wall fixtures like radiators. Not to mention, you won’t have to concern yourself with the decor in the room that the work is affecting.

With exterior wall insulation, you wrap the structure in a thermal envelope. This allows the mass of the interior wall to function as a thermal store. The result is an energy efficient and well-insulated home. If you require insulated panels, then ours are the best on the market.

Detailing around doors and windows

Another thing to note is that detailing around windows and doors is still vital. It is essential to discourage thermal bridging. In addition, it will ensure that the insulation performs at full capacity.

The cost

However, insulating your walls externally can be expensive. The reason why is that when you fix or glue the insulation to your wall, you must render the whole. It is necessary to do this to cover the new materials for weatherproofing. This also helps the aesthetics.

There is an advantage to this work though. You might want to alter the appearance of your property anyway. You will be receiving twice the renovation work for what you invest.

We provide quality insulated panels

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we see to it that all our panels adhere to the building regulations. Our team also provides a great level of customer service. This complements our quality products.

So, if you have any enquiries about insulated panels or the other items we specialise in, you are welcome to contact us. We recommend you call or use our contact form.