Advice on washing your steel

As specialists when it comes to building materials, we know more than anyone does how important it is to ensure that your goods are well looked after. To this end, we provide expert advice to customers on care in handling steel profile sheets. If you are one of those who are unsure as to how these substances should be overseen, then we are the people you need to speak with.

Applications for galvanised metals vary immensely, from the steel sheets that we use to simple screws utilised for wood projects. These mediums are specially made to offer protection against the likes of oxidation and corrosion, characterised by an exterior zinc oxide coating. This functions as both a chemical and physical barrier, and since it’s more reactive from an electro-chemical point of view, it’s also seen as a sacrificial anode. In short, it lures all the corrosive to itself, sparing the metal underneath.

Despite the fact that this coating is efficient, it’ll wear away eventually. With sufficient cleaning however, not only will the metal retain its aesthetic charms, but the barrier will be preserved for longer too. Here are some tips you can use to clean your own products.

Prior to doing anything else, rinse the metal to get rid of any debris that could scratch it. Next, warm up a gallon of water and mix in a quarter cup of washing up liquid. Get a soft brush and dip it into the solution. Afterwards, start by making small circles with your utensil, beginning at one of your substance’s edges and work your way to the other side.

To overcome any lingering alkaline deposits, combine a solution consisting of one part baby powder and two parts milk, and then scrub the surface with a little brush. After washing the material, give it a rinse to get rid of the soapy residue. Finally, dry it off with a soft cloth.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our website has an entire page dedicated to care in handling steel profile sheets. Said page is intended to act as a guide to primary problem areas that can result in decay or damage, so it’s well worth checking out if you plan to use these sheets.

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, just let us know.