Advice for on-site sheet cutting

Building materials are our speciality, but we don’t simply mean this in the sole sense that we supply them. We also prefer it if clients looked after their goods as well, which is why the team works to provide them with top-notch advice. As experts when it comes to care in handling steel profile sheets, we are the people to call if you aren’t overly confident about looking after your merchandise.

One must take steps to ensure that their sheet products are cared for properly whilst they are being cut at the project site. Should the need arise, it would be most ideal to have these sheets cut while they are laid flat, resting in a face down position on padded supports. In terms of the tools that are utilised to cut them, you should go for something that generates a minor level of heat. When too much heat is present, the sheet can become mutilated.

Depending on the length of your cut, different tools should be brought in to do the job. For lengthier straight cuts, it would be best to use a circular saw that comes equipped with a fine-tooth metal blade which is able to create cold cuts. If the cut isn’t straight, or you’re dealing with smaller openings and cut-outs, try a reciprocating saw or a jigsaw design.

Should the circumstances differ to those that were previously mentioned, then an angle grinder with a small disc or tooth blade might prove useful. Alternatively, reciprocating nibblers are known for their ability to produce outstanding cuts as well, and have been widely used in roofing efforts.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we make it a point to give customers advice on care in handling steel profile sheets, some of which can be found on our website. Without sufficient guidance, users will not be capable of obtaining the desired results from their sheet materials, so they are better off preparing themselves beforehand.

If you require assistance with anything, please get in touch with us.