Advice for corrugated roofing repairs

Corrugated roofing is designed to be something that lasts. Despite this, time and other factors can lead to you needing to replace or repair it. This is a relatively easy task that doesn’t take much time when you have the necessary know-how and tools.

You should carry out any repair work quickly so that the issue does not worsen or cause other problems. As a result you will know that your roof is secure and in good shape.

Locate & Measure

Firstly you need to find the area of the roof that you need to repair. After this you should measure the size of the section. You need to know the width and height of the corrugations from the middle of a rib down onto the other. Doing this will help you get a replacement that is a great fit.

Having the precise measurements will allow you to know what you need. You should typically remove the old section of roofing rather than just the exact area with the issue. This will allow for a smoother transition along with less measuring and cutting.


You need to make sure that you have the right fixings for your new section of roofing. You should replace the old ones while fitting the new section. Make sure to put them somewhere where you won’t drop and lose them or someone could stand on them.

Corrugated roofingYou will be ready to place the new section once you remove the old one. Take care to not screw the new sheeting into place too tightly as this can lead to damage. Next, you should seal it to help it last.

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