A sturdy and very realistic variation of roofing

Every company has its area of expertise and ours happens to be the distribution of quality roofing and cladding materials. During the time that we’ve been in operation, customers have relied on us repeatedly for their goods, and we’ve always done our best not to disappoint them. Tile form sheeting in particular is a favourite among our range thanks largely to its traditional aesthetics and ease of installation. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of these sheets, your first step should be to pay us a visit.

When it comes to replacing an entire roof, or constructing a whole new build for that matter, opting for a classical substitute can save you an appreciable sum of money. Certain options are designed to appear more contemporary, but the others are more akin to the original section that they’re succeeding.

Tile form sheeting falls into the latter category, and once you come to understand the benefits that it brings, you’ll know why so many approve of its use. Besides the fact that these sheets are both light and relatively cheap, they are also quite resilient. Normally, the sheeting is created with a multitude of layers that all contain various substances. Some are even strong enough to be useful for prison applications.

Due to their versatile nature, you can introduce these sheets onto roofs with pitches as low as 12 degrees, and on vertical designs. They’re rather attractive as well. Despite not being the genuine article, they are very realistic when you compare them to the classic materials that inspired them.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, aside from our regular offerings, we can also supply you with customised flashings that match your product’s colour. Coming in multiple finishes, including long lasting plastisol and polyester painted, we’re confident that the products we supply will be suitable for your requirements.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch. We can provide information and recommendations on which products will meet your needs the best.