A massive expansion for a school of builders

For over 30 years our goal has always been to provide the finest products possible to our clients. Metal cladding is one such product and due to its cost effectiveness and durability, it is an incredibly popular choice for both the commercial and industrial sectors. Available in a variety of finishes, thicknesses and materials, our merchandise can cater to an array of customer demands.

Numerous facilities make use of metal cladding; educational complexes are no different. Plans have emerged recently for a substantial new South Bank facility for the Leeds College of Building, which is being supported by a grant supplied by the Leeds Region Enterprise Partnership.

As part of an ongoing scheme to enhance structures for staff and students alike, the college is proposing an entirely new building to the north of the already existing phase one premises on Cudbear Street that was completed in 2015. Funding has been secured from the Leeds Region Enterprise Partnership and now the 56,000 sq ft building is subject to planning permission. Ideally, they wish for the on-site works to commence in the summer, with a completion date of July 2018.

According to a pre-application presentation that was set to be scrutinised on 2nd February, the complex would act as a standalone addition next to phase one. Both the phase one and two buildings have been developed as a sort of “family” with a series of related references. Just like phase one, the standalone construct plans to feature a traditional north-lit roof profile with metal cladding and red brick, in order to echo the locale’s industrial heritage.

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